Being subject of attacks and manipulations that we did not think possible in a democratic regime, we are committed to presenting the activities of the ÎMPREUNĂ (TOGETHER) Civic Platform, accomplished during the eight months since its establishment.

These activities are probably the explanation for the attempt to annihilate us by confiscating our name.

A new political party recently announced its abbreviated name, its „brand,” as being … ÎMPREUNĂ („TOGETHER”), the same name we used in the public space for almost one year. It inevitably becomes a confusing and misleading mix of purposes and values. A kind of „trans”, for party interests, from the values for the defense of which more than 1,000 ONGs and intellectuals had joined. Reaffirming once again the lack of any link between us and the newly established party with the same name as ours, we are honored to present all the efforts made by the members of the ÎMPREUNĂ (TOGETHER) platform, without any support from anyone and serving exclusively the interest to defend the Romanian identity values in the context of the European values.

Here are the activities that had been performed by the ÎMPREUNĂ (TOGETHER) Civic Platform during the eight months since the establishment, and to date, all the activities being made under this name, for which there is also a name reservation issued by the Ministry of Justice:

Letter sent by 133 NGOs from the Together Civic Platform to the European Council on 19 of March 2018 on the issues that raised concerns in the national and international public space on gender ideology normalized through the Convention from Istanbul. 200 additional NGOs from 9 European countries joined the initiative;

Public denunciation of the „educational” campaign on sexual orientation diversity targeting minors from the Romanian high schools that started on January 19th in Bucharest and continued afterwards in Focsani with a similar conference. Both were publicly denounced on the grounds of violating the rights of parents and children;

The implementation of an administrative – judicial approach towards the Ministry of National Education on LGBT propaganda activities in schools. As an immediate result, the Ministry of National Education has sent a solicitation towards the School Inspectorate in Bucharest. Warning addresses were sent to schools in Bucharest as well;

Summon the Ministry of National Education through official letters addressed by 126 NGOs from the ÎMPREUNĂ (Together) Civic Platform on respecting the parents’ rights;

The implementation of a media campaign through visual/video materials to raise awareness of the need for a referendum to define marriage in the Constitution;

The initiation in the majority of the counties in Romania, namely: Alba, Arad, Arges, Bacau, Bihor, Bistrita Nasaud, Botosani, Braila, Brasov, Buzau, Caraş Severin, Cluj, Constanta, Covasna, Galati, Giurgiu, Harghita, Ialomita, Iasi, Neamt , Prahova, Sibiu, Suceava, Timis, Vâlcea, Vaslui, Vrancea, as well as in Bucharest, of extensive public debates on the variants of the framework plan for high school education, as they were made public by the Ministry of National Education;

The carry out of a campaign of sending letters to the Romanian MEPs, requesting them to express their support on the organization of a marriage referendum in Romania by signing the Letter initiated in this respect by a group of MEPs of other nationalities. It is not our fault that only 4 Romanian MEPs had chosen to support the referendum in Romania, while 36 MEPs of other nationalities expressed their support for the organization of the referendum in Romania by signing this Letter.

The carry out of a campaign, through protests and public letters addressed to the authorities, to support Camelia Smicală, the Romanian mother from Finland whose children were confiscated by Child Protection;

Signing, together with other entities from the Romanian civil society, to the Declaration from Bucharest, dated 16 September 2017, addressed to the President of Romania calling for the cessation of the campaign for the defamation of the Romanians who signed for or support the civic initiative for the constitutional definition of marriage, denouncing any attempt to politicize or politically confiscate this initiative.

Organizing – under the auspices of ÎMPREUNĂ (TOGETHER) – nine cultural events, all over the country, regarding the promotion among young people of the Romanian values in the context of European values.

Therefore, in less than a year of activity, the ÎMPREUNĂ (TOGETHER) Civic Platform managed to organize in a coordinated manner several events and actions of public interest, in almost all the counties of the country, managed to voice the concerns of the civil society on the ideological aggression in the Romanian schools and managed to transform the Romanian authorities’ responsibility towards the Romanian citizen from an abstract idea into an institutional reality. Obviously, all this effort, both at central and territorial level, had shown the organic functionality of the ÎMPREUNĂ (TOGETHER) Civic Platform and its development potential.

All the initiatives and achievements listed above are, probably, an explanation for the necessity of removing the ÎMPREUNĂ (TOGETHER) Civil Platform from the Romanian public space. In the progressive agenda that is in process of implementation in Romania, there is no room for the public manifestation of Christian or conservative values, nor for the proof that the Romanians have the ability to organize and associate in a rigorous, neutral, coherent, reasonable and organic way, by themselves and not by agendas of diverse interests.

The attempted annihilation by taking our name by the Progressive Movement and the newly established political party with the abbreviated name ÎMPREUNĂ („Together”) that is exactly our name, represents probably the proof of the total cultural war that has begun in our country. Because history fully demonstrates that all the epochs in which freedom and dignity are disregarded ended sooner or later, for the future of our children, we will proceed with the achievement and protection of the respect and promotion of the authentic Romanian values – such as family, education, freedom of speech and belief, as well as of the dignity of the Romanians – values for the protection of which approximatly 500 NGOs and over 1,000 intellectuals formed the ÎMPREUNĂ (TOGETHER) Civic Platform (

Photo from the moment of establishment:

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