The Citizens’ Initiative Committee and the Citizens’ Platform “ÎMPREUNĂ” DECLARE: to defend the values that ensure the identity of the Romanian people is not a form of discrimination.

The Citizens’ Initiative Committee on the review of Art. 48, paragraph 1 of the Romanian Constitution and the Civic Platform “ÎMPREUNĂ” took note of the third grave offense that the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Werner Iohannis, addressed to the millions of Romanians who promoted and supported the most important citizenship initiative of the Romanian people, the initiative concerning the constitutional definition of Marriage.

This is a democratic initiative with a goal that is supported by 90% of Romania’s population – which, in the opinion of Mr. K.W. Iohannis, „inflames society.” It’s like saying that to say 2 + 2 equals 4 inflames society. Thus, after he associated the same civic action with „fanaticism” last year, and after he told us, three weeks ago, that May was not a good month for the Referendum, Mr. K.W. Iohannis said that the 3 million Romanians’ initiative „inflames the spirits” in society and encourages intolerance towards the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual) community. This is said in a very specific and clear context – right after we have witnessed in recent years not less than 6 initiatives by LGBT lobbying organizations to introduce civil partnerships that are assimilated to same-sex marriage.

This latest statement by the President of Romania clearly demonstrates that:

  1. The President of Romania does not know which is the object of the citizens’ initiative, namely the definition in the Romanian Constitution of Marriage as it is currently defined in the Civil Code, and NOT the redefinition of THE FAMILY which is, in fact, the objective of the LGBT lobby.
  2. The European progressive agenda is enforced in Romania from the highest level, namely the level of the President of Romania. The President proves, unfortunately, that he is the pinnacle of the ideology of Political Correctness in Romania. In an Europe where a child is condemned to euthanasia by an LGBT activist judge, and is disconnected from the life support apparatus, and as he is still breathing, he is left to die of starvation and thirst despite the will of his parents to save the life, the attack by the President of Romania on one of the two main pillars of the family, the Marriage between a man and a woman, represents a threat of the highest level to Marriage itself – a fundamental value for the majority of Romanians.
  3. The Romanian people, whose citizen’s initiative is denied at the highest level, not only does not discriminate against anyone, but is actually under attack, and its core values are threatened. In fact, the discrimination that the President speaks of is applied precisely to the values of the Romanian citizens, who are not allowed to express themselves and against whom a hate speech is promoted simply because they cherish these values. To express and defend the values that ensure life, the foundations of civilization, and the identity of the Romanian people do not constitute, under any definition, an act of discrimination.

Citizens’ Initiative Committee
Civic Platform “ÎMPREUNĂ”

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