The long-awaited Referendum, intended to enshrine in the Constitution that marriage is based on the union “between one man and one woman”- as opposed to the current collocation “between spouses”, finally took place in Romania on October 6th and 7th, 2018. In stark contrast with the massive support this most significant civic initiative in Romania’s recent history had (3 million signatures gathered in 5 months), the results were, at first glance, somehow disappointing: only 3.8 million people cast their votes.

However, considering that this was not a political vote, considering that for the first time in the history of the country people were asked for a vote of conscience amid extremely disturbing and turbulent campaigns against the Referendum, considering the fact that the initiators were obstructed consistently and continuously from running a pro Referendum Campaign, the results are not so disappointing anymore.

An in-depth analysis of the events and circumstances that preceded the Referendum clearly indicate the following:

1.      in spite of a publicly declared support, the initiative was left to fall between legal cracks, using political electoral laws against a civic motion that rightly deserved a very specific legal framework;

2.      the initiators’ pro Referendum campaign was severely obstructed to the extent that the TV and Radio spots could not be run on national broadcasting stations but only on local ones, the banners in cities of Romania including Bucharest were permitted for a brief period of time and then taken down, the volunteers were harassed in the streets by anti-Referendum agents as well as by police … and the list continues;

3.      a direct consequence of the obstruction of the campaign was the fact that the confusion raised by the ambiguity of the Referendum question “Do you agree with the law revising the Romanian Constitution, as ratified by the Parliament” could not be cleared in people’s mind, therefore, many people chose not to cast their votes out of fear any or all articles of the Constitution might be amended;

4.      in the few televised debates that were allowed to eventually take place, the initiators were constantly attacked and bashed for their conservative views or Christian approaches by the progressive counterparts and advocates of gender ideology;

5.      mass-media outlets and written press consistently promoted and praised the gender ideology and progressive agenda, while at the same time silencing at best, or attacking at worst any and all conservative views or voices, the Orthodox Church being a preferred target;

6.      the exact and up-to-date number of citizens over 18 years could not be verified, bearing in mind that the official number of 18.278.496 voters is unrealistically high to a population totaling a little over 22 million.  

7.      political parties that initially declared their support – PSD (Social-Democratic Party), PNL (National Liberal Party) and ALDE (Liberals and Democrats’ Alliance Party) suddenly shifted gears after October the 2nd, resulting in a total and absolute lack of involvement in encouraging their own electorates to cast their vote according to individual choice and thus, entirely sabotaging the Referendum that yielded in the end only 3.85 million voters, or 21.1% of the entire electorate.

8.      the only political party that was visibly involved, campaigned against the initiative – USR (Save Romania Union);

9.      anti-Referendum factions and agents started a very aggressive boycott campaign meant to confuse and intimidate citizens to cast their votes, claiming that the initiative is divisive in nature, or that it was high-jacked by a certain political party and does not represent the interest of the people anymore.

In light of all the above it becomes very clear that the results of the Referendum represent a victory, not a defeat! Amid so much adversity, manipulation and campaigns meant to spread intimidation, demotivation and confusion, 3.5 million Romanians came out to vote YES for what they truly believe in. For Romania this was a premiere, a first time that citizens sharing the same values, cultural understanding and religious beliefs, came together to initiate a movement that concluded in a Referendum of conscience, the first of its kind in the country. That in itself is a victory. And the perfect stepping stone for future initiatives, projects and endeavors.
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  1. Flavius Giurgiu 4 ani în urmă

    Dacă Macedonia intră în UE prin eliminarea cvorumului din referendumul lor, Romania va trebui deasemenea să elimine acest cvorum tâmpit și astfel să valideze referendumul datorită faptului că 92% au votat DA! Comisia de la Veneția interzice folosirea unui cvorum pentru validarea unui referendum pentru că sabotează natura democratică a unui referendum! Suntem o țară democratică sau nu?

  2. Andre 4 ani în urmă

    Gândiți bine ce faceți cu voturile noastre. Sunt aproape 4 milioane! Cui le vom da.

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