October 23rd, 2018

Open Letter addressed to the Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă:
Do NOT Educate Romanian Children According to Gender Ideology!

Esteemed Prime Minister,

Three-and-a-half million Romanian citizens expressed their will during the Referendum by voting YES for the constitutional protection of the definition of marriage, as being between one man and one woman. This definition is in stark contrast with the gender ideology that assaults nowadays the entire Romanian society, especially the education system. Ignoring these millions of Romanians and the values they believe in will only generate a clash with severe consequences, as it jeopardizes the climate of legality and democracy in the country.

Romanian children MUST NOT be educated in line with gender ideology!
They HAVE to be educated by placing the child’s best interest first, without relativizing their being in a period of growth and development, as stipulated by all the legal provisions enacted in defending children’s rights.

Hundreds of NGO’s and tens of thousands of parents are already opposing this ideological agenda that has been consistently forced on Romanian children, since the beginning of the year.

In true solidarity, parents across the country came together and united in action groups, in order to defend the rights of parents and children against this most unprecedented aggression.

Through manuals, courses and events, children and parents in Romania are faced with a new legal reality, imposed through educational activities, aimed at the operationalization of gender-based ideology in the classroom. This new legal reality is based on the concepts of „gender equality”, „gender roles”, „gender stereotypes”, normative concepts in which gender ideology has become a legal and pedagogical norm in Romania.

From the educational activities already carried out, the Romanian parents have understood exactly what a child has learned from such activities, namely how highly desirable it is to have another sexual orientation and how easy it is, at any given moment, to choose a gender.

Mrs. Prime Minister, the dignity of any person is the corollary of all human rights, regardless of sex and sexual orientation; this, however, does not mean that all Romania’s children have to be educated according to gender ideology but on the contrary: they have to be educated according to the superior interest of the child, without relativizing their being in a period of growth and development. It is beyond doubt that sexual minorities’ dignity and rights are well respected both by our legislation, as well as by the tolerant nature of the Romanian people. Yet, if so many thousands of parents were outraged by the gender ideological activities and denounced the serious violation of Article 29 (6) of the Constitution (which stipulates that parents have the right to ensure, according to their own convictions, the education of the minor children whose responsibility lies with them), then it becomes very clear that gender ideology propaganda has gone too far! Even more so since the parental right is also guaranteed by Article 14 (3) of the European Union’s Fundamental Rights’ Charter, which enshrines the right of parents to ensure the education and training of their children according to their own religious, philosophical and pedagogical beliefs.

The ÎMPREUNĂ (Together) Civic Platform is the largest and deepest form of civil society unity in Romania, composed of 500 NGOs and over 1,000 intellectuals, for the first time reunified in such a large number in Romania’s recent history. Together, Together has made international efforts with over 250 NGOs in 8 countries.

It is in this capacity that we ask you again to stand vigil and ensure that constitutional rights are respected, as any violations will generate conflicts which will severely damage the climate of legality and democracy in Romania.

Mihai Gheorghiu
for ÎMPREUNĂ (Together) Civic Platform
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  1. alina luca 3 ani în urmă

    Buna ziua.

    Acum am aflat despre acest demers, si doresc sa semnez si eu. De unde pot lua acest tabel, sau cum pot eu si alti parinti sa semnam?

    Va multumesc!

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