ÎMPREUNĂ (TOGETHER) Civic Platform, consisting of 506 NGOs and 130,000 supporting members as individuals announces the end of the national campaign ”We are defending the children of Romania and their identity” and its results.

Under this campaign 300,000 Romanian citizens have expressly refused any interference of the gender ideology into the educational process in Romania, under the guise of sexual education for diversity, or in any other form.

300,000 Romanian citizens are asking the Romanian Ministry of National Education and the Institute of Education Sciences, to take notice of their express disapproval and rejection regarding any intrusion of the gender ideology, including in the form of sexual education for diversity, into the educational process in Romania, based on the following arguments:

In compliance with Article 29 paragraph 6 in the Romanian Constitution, the parents or tutors have the legal right to ensure, according to their own convictions, the education of the children who are underage and for whom they are responsible. And it is absolutely natural that this should be the case, since, according toArticle 487 in our Civil Code, the parents are those who ”have the responsability to look after their children’s psychological and intellectual development, professional training, learning and education, in accordance with their own convictions, but also in keeping with the children’s dispositions and needs.”

Regardless of the social background which they come from, or of their level of education and culture, the parents are the keepers and transmitters of a set of values, peculiar to the family and nation into which a child is born. The above-mentioned legal provisions essentially guarantee that nobody else except the parents can fulfil the needs of their child, and that fulfilment can be brought about only in the light of the values of the family, and precisely in consideration of the fact that the parents are those who are in charge of their children.

By the intrusion of the gender ideology into the Romanian children’s education, the above-mentioned legal and constitutional provisions are severely violated. Moreover, in accordance with Article 26, paragraph 1 in the Constitution, the public authorities are under the obligation to respect and protect the intimate, family, and private life.

Since the intimate life is one of the determining factors of an individual’s conscience, through the psychological valences which it unavoidably involves, and since the process of a child’seducation and training operates on the level of the child’s conscience, it results that any interference into the educational process which impinges upon the parents’ convictions, or upon every child’s own dispositions and needs, also impinges upon that fundamental right.

Consequently, the Ministry of National Education and the Institute of Education Sciences have been asked to urgently eliminate from the school manuals and text-books any and all elements of gender ideology propaganda, considering that, within this ideology, “gender equality” does not refer to the equality between women and men, but to LGBT activism, having thus reached a point where today, in Romanian schools, there are textbooks and materials teaching the children, or the teachers, that a person is of the gender he or she identifies with, and not the gender he or she was born in, according to his or her biological sex; that gender identity and sexual orientation are two distinct things; that a little girl can have a boy’s name and can become a father;that movies with a pornographic content can be used as sources of sexual education.

Seeing these clearly ideological and profoundly harmful aspects, while firmly stating that we disagree with any form of discrimination, ÎMPREUNĂ (TOGETHER) Civic Platform and the 300,000 Romanian citizens who have signed for this campaign consider that the Romanian school cannot and should not be involved in any activities leading to the education of children in the spirit of the above-mentioned ideology.

We believe that the sinergy of the efforts jointly made by the teaching staff and the parents has always given, and shall continue to give, the measure of the success of the Romanian school. We also believe that, in Romania, the purpose and objective of schools is for students to obtain good results, and not for them to be re-educated, indoctrinated that they could allegedly be any gender they wish, no matter which biological data they were born into.

ÎMPREUNĂ (TOGETHER) Civic Platform has also asked the Ministry of National Education to notify all County School Inspectorates that school masters and teaching staff in all schools in Romania should not let themselves be involved in the ideological activism of some NGOs aimed at re-educating the minds and souls of Romanian children, through activities involving gender ideology in some way or another, since this is intimately linked to each individual person, entering the sphere of each child’s physicaland psychological development, not of the education system through collective re-education.

The notification of the Education Ministry also represents the carrying out of the administrative procedure prior to the legal action of the 300,000 citizens to be undertaken should the situation arise that their refuse, thus expressly and duly notified to the Ministry of National Education and the Institute of Education Sciences, were to be disregarded.


Mihai Gheorghiu


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